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ISBN-13: 978-1450414845

ISBN-10: 1450414842

Language: English
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About the Author


James Gavin, PhD, has been designing and delivering coach training programs to health, wellness, and fitness professionals since 1998. He is the director of the Centre for Human Relations and Community Studies and a full professor in the department of applied human sciences at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. He has consulted with health, wellness, and fitness centers for 25 years and has been a practitioner of counseling psychology for more than 35 years. Gavin was awarded a Diplomate in Counseling Psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology, the highest award recognizing achievement and excellence in the practice of counseling psychology. He has written and researched extensively concerning personality matching related to active living since the early 1980s and has presented around the world at health fitness conferences since 1985. Gavin is also the author of Psychology for Health/Fitness Professionals. He is a long-time practitioner of aikido, iaido, and yoga and has pursued other passions such as triathlon training, kayaking, and tai chi.

Madeleine Mcbrearty, PhD, is codirector and faculty member for the personal and professional coaching certification (PPCC) program offered through the Centre for Human Relations and Community Studies at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. As an organizational change agent and executive coach, she works with people in community and not-for-profit organizations. She conducts workshops to promote wellness in the workplace and is currently involved in a number of projects concerned with physical fitness and psychological well-being. As a personal coach, her passion is to walk alongside those who want to achieve their personal life vision. The focus of Mcbrearty’s academic research is personal change. She works with women in weight management as a means of understanding intrapersonal change processes.



Lifestyle Wellness Coaching 2nd Edition PDF eTextbook

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