100 Great War Movies: The Real History Behind the Films (Ebook PDF)


100 Great War Movies: The Real History Behind the Films (Ebook PDF)

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Authors: by Robert Niemi (Author)

This book serves as a fascinating guide to 100 war films from 1930 to the present. Readers interested in war movies will learn surprising anecdotes about these films and will have all their questions about the films’ historical accuracy answered.
• Applies an internationalist perspective to the war film through entries from countries including Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Australia, Japan, Poland, Finland, and Latvia
• Defines great war films as the most artistically accomplished, politically subversive, and thought-provoking, not merely as the most popular or commercially successful, and is therefore a relevant reference for students and film and history buffs
• Provides clearly written and informative histories of the films themselves as well as of the cultural context surrounding the making and reception of them
• Recounts critical controversies and analyzes the ideological biases implicit in these films in its examination of how the films shaped their source material and what they included, distorted, and added or left out

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